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Rank Advancement Process


Scoutmaster Conference

 Complete all the requirements for the Rank and document them in your scout book. Request a scoutmaster conference with your Scoutmaster. Include your contact information, availability and rank advancing completing.  Wear your class A uniform and bring your scout book to your Scoutmaster Conference.


Board of Review

Request a Board of Review (BoR) after your scoutmaster conference has been finished and documentation has been completed accurately and completely including signatures/ initials. Please include your contact information, requesting rank advancement and availability. Wear your class A uniform and bring your scout book to the BoR.


Advancement Coordinator

After all signatures/initials are collected for the Rank Advancement you will need to notify your Advancement Coordinator (AC). Write your name in your scout book at the top of the page for the Rank you're advancing to. Take a photo of all documentation in your scout book for the rank (including dates) and send it to the (AC). Please include any service hours completed during the Rank.

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