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Troop 63 B & Troop 63 G

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Boy Scouts of America (BSA) Troop 63 is located in Williamston, Michigan.

We are a youth lead, adult-guided non-profit group dedicated to instilling the principles of Scouting into all our youth. Our adult leaders simply act as advisors to the Scouts. 

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Our Troops meet every Monday night from 6:30pm-8:00pm at the Williamston Discovery Elementary School Cafeteria 

350 Highland St.

Williamston, MI 48895



Boys and Girls (separate Troops) ages 11-17

We offer a traditional Scouting experience for youth in the fifth grade through high school. Service, community engagement and leadership development are important parts of our program as youth lead their own activities and work their way toward earning Scouting’s highest rank, Eagle Scout. Exposure to uniquely hands-on learning experiences and opportunities to earn merit badges reflecting each Scout’s interests, unlocks a world of discovery around them and forges a path for their future.


Williamston BSA Scout Troop has been a values-based youth development organization, providing programs for youth that build character since 1928!


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Our Girls Troop & Boys Troop meet on the same day, time and location. Troops meet monthly for a Patrol Leader's Council (PLC) planning meeting. We are a full-year Troop; we continue to meet weekly and hold activities throughout the year.

Our Troop Meetings are broken into sections.

  • A Troop call to order and informational time

  • A Troop activity or Patrol time, where the Troop or Patrols focus on instruction for a scout skill, plans for upcoming events/activities, or work on any other patrol activities.

  • A merit badge time where merit badges are offered or worked on during troop meetings.

Scouts advance at their own pace. The Troop creates a time and atmosphere for the Scout to continue to follow the Trail to Eagle. First year Scouts are placed in a Patrol that focuses on helping them advance quickly to rank of First Class.

Scouts' advancement is laid out in the Boy Scouts of America Handbook. Each Scout will use their Scout handbook to learn the required skills and values for the rank. They will then meet with their Scoutmaster (Adult Leader) for a Scoutmaster Conference, where they will be tested on what they learned. Afterwards, a Board of Review (BOR) will be held with the Scout to review what they have learned. The BOR will take place with adults from the community.  The Scout will be recognized with rank advancement during a Troop Court of Honor (COH).  Our Troop holds Court of Honor ceremonies three times a year to allow the Scouts time to advance. Scouts will also receive recognition for their merit badges earned during the Troop Court of Honor. 


Rank Advancement

Troop 63 has many Committee Members, Leaders, and Parents that are Merit Badge Counselors and are dedicated to assisting our Scouts with their advancements. is used to track Scout advancements and is connected to the BSA national registry. So, each Scouts' achievements will be documented and tracked throughout their Scouting career.

Youth Benefit

  • Scouting is a safe activity for the long term with minimal adult involvement.

  • Scouting is an opportunity to explore the great outdoors, participate in fun activities, and make new friends.

  • Participating and experiences in Scouting can help you get into college and cool jobs. 

  • Scouts participate in current trends like video gaming and high adventure activities.

  • Scouting is year-round and many Scouts participate in other sports and activities without too much interference. Scouts participate at their own pace.

  • Scouts learn skills through scouting activities to overcome life challenges and develop leadership skills through no-risk practices.

  • Scouts develop lasting friendships, outdoor and leadership skills, and have a lot of fun doing it.

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Parent Benefit

  • Scouting is a safe activity for the long term.

  • Youth lead with minimal adult commitment.

  • Scouting is an activity that your youth can enjoy, grow within, and use to their advantage in the future (college, job).

  • Safe youth program with 2 deep leadership. Youth are never alone with only one adult, unless it's a parent.

  • Scouts follow safe scouting practices on all outings treat others with respect and fairness.

  • Scouting is year-round and many Scouts participate in other sports and activities without too much interference. Youth participate in scouting at their own pace.

  • Scouting helps youth develop a family and community-oriented perspective as they grow.

  • Youth learn skills through scouting practices to overcome life challenges.

  • Scouting builds a moral compass through living by the Scout Oath and Law to help Scouts identify their fundamental values and develop strong moral values. 

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What Do We Do?

Troop 63 and its members have participated in numerous campouts and high adventure excursions, including the Michigan High Adventure program ‘Prevailing Winds,’ Philmont Scout Ranch, Northern Tier High Adventure Base, Florida National Sea Base, Bluesprings Caverns, USS Silversides, Northwoods Scout Reservation, Michigan International Camporee, Camp Grayling, Mother's Day weekend backpacking trips, ski weekends during the winter months, bike trips throughout the summer months, winter camping weekends, fishing trips, pre-camporees, camporees, SCODs, and much more.

Troop 63 scouts participating in the Order of the Arrow have the opportunity to attend section conclaves, ordeals, lock ins, March brotherhoods and NOACs. OA members participate in numerous fundraising events to help improve their local scout camps, which range from setting up and taking down seat backs at the MSU football stadium to working the concessions stand for MSU home games.

Other activities that Troop 63 scouts participate in are the local Food Bank, community Red Cedar River Cleaning, the annual Pancake Breakfast, Red Cedar Jubilee activities and kids games, and flag raisings for the high school football team.

Troop 63 strives to teach and stress the importance of the ideals and purposes of scouting in its members and throughout said members’ everyday lives and interactions with others.

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