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Posted on Jan 11, 2012 by Troop63

  • Outer shell jacket (or insulated parka) – most of you will just bring your winter parka.
  • Gloves/mittens (fleece or wool) – ski gloves, integral shell and insulation are fine.
  • Outer shell pants (or insulated pants) – if you have snow pants (insulated), bring them; if not, some sort of shell to keep snow and water off your clothes.
  • Glove liners – if you have them
  • Warm hat (fleece or wool)
  • Neck gaiter or scarf
  • Waterproof gloves/overmitts – this is the same as above.  If you have an extra pair, bring them.
  • Face mask/balaclava – if you have one, good; if not, the scarf will do fine.

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